LeFleur Transportation

Our History

LeFleur Transportation is dedicated to serving our clients in the safest, most practical and most cost-efficient manner possible. Ours is a complete transportation solution—logistically sound, budget-conscious and always focused on safety.

LeFleur Transportation opened in 1993 as a small limousine company in the Jackson, Mississippi, area and quickly expanded our services to accommodate airport transfers and passenger van services for various local organizations.

In the midst of this early growth, we began to recognize a need for safe and dependable transportation services among government, public and/or quasi-public agencies that provide transportation services to low income, handicapped and elderly persons. In 1997, we contracted with the State of Mississippi, purchase 40 vans, and began providing transportation to Medicaid beneficiaries.

The rest is history in the making—as we continue to grow, serving clients throughout the nation with hundreds of company-owned vehicles and countless more through the LeFleur Transportation Provider Network.

We're proud to say that ours was one of the first private sector companies to recognize the need for these demand-response services, and the market segment grew to comprise the majority of LeFleur Transportation's revenue. Today, we provide all levels of demand-response transportation, from gatekeeping and network management to operations and direct transportation.

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