LeFleur Transportation


Every successful trip undertaken by LeFleur Transportation is only as good as our drivers. We meticulously screen our drivers to ensure safety and reliability. They are trained and evaluated according to the most exacting standards, with courtesy and service as their everyday goal.

Though we cater our driver-training programs to each contract we serve,
our core curriculum includes:

  • Agency Policies & Procedures
  • Defensive Driving
  • Operation & Maintenance of Lifts and Securements
  • Fleet Vehicle Care
  • First Aid/Emergency Procedures
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Passenger Relations & Sensitivity
  • ADA Training

In February 2008, LeFleur selected the GreenRoad Safety Center to enhance our safety program. The Safety Center is a technology-based solution from GreenRoad Technologies that combines in-vehicle coaching with web analytical reporting. An in-vehicle sensor collects information on up to 120 different driving maneuvers. Using proprietary algorithms, maneuvers are analyzed to give drivers feedback about areas that require improvement, and to build their driver profiles.

Driver safety levels are displayed using a simple color classification system: a green light indicates safe driving, yellow needs attention and red is high risk. Drivers and managers are able to review detailed reports by fleet, driver, department, maneuver type, trip and more to easily and accurately identify high-risk drivers and problem areas. In addition to these safety enhancements, the Safety Center contributes toward our "green" initiatives of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Smarter drivers. Safer roads.

Based in Redwood Shores, California, GreenRoad has become an industry leader in creating safer drivers among both novices and professionals. They've made it their mission to understand driver behavior, and to engage and empower drivers to command their vehicles with a respect for safety and efficiency. GreenRoad drivers are safer and more fuel efficient, because they've learned to make smarter decisions on the road. That's why all of LeFleur Transportation's drivers are GreenRoad drivers. To learn more about the services the company provides to LeFleur Transportation, visit their website. Go>

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