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New Company to Provide Transportation Services in MTO Region 1 and 10, effective September 1, 2017.

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LeFleur Transportation (LeFleur) arranges non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for Medicaid eligible Clients, Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) services program Clients and Transportation for Indigent Cancer Patients (TICP) Clients who have no other way of getting to their program-covered appointments. Medicaid eligible Clients, their family members, care givers or medical providers may request NEMT services for a Client by calling 1.877.MEDTRIP (633.8747). Routine appointments must be scheduled at least two business days in advance. Appointments beyond a county that borders the Client’s county of residence must be scheduled at least five business days in advance. We do make exceptions to these timeframes for instances involving urgent care appointments when treatment cannot be delayed. The Medical Provider must confirm the appointment’s urgency for LeFleur to approve the request. Hospital discharges are also considered urgent trips.

LeFleur is the Managed Transportation Organization (MTO) for Texas MTO Regions 1 and 10. We are responsible for all non emergency medical transportation in these areas. If you are not sure if your county falls into one of these areas, see the map below and the list view of all counties we serve.

List of Counties in Network

Aransas Gray Moore
Armstrong Hale Motley
Bailey Hall Nueces
Bee Hansford Ochiltree
Briscoe Hartley Oldham
Brooks Hemphill Parmer
Cameron Hidalgo Potter
Carson Hockley Randall
Castro Hutchinson Refugio
Childress Jim Hogg Roberts
Cochran Jim Wells San Patricio
Collingsworth Kenedy Sherman
Crosby King Starr
Dallam Kleberg Swisher
Deaf Smith Lamb Terry
Dickens Lipscomb Webb
Donley Live Oak Wheeler
Duval Lubbock Willacy
Floyd Lynn Yoakum
Garza McMullen Zapata

Important Numbers

  • Schedule a Ride - 1.877.MEDTRIP (633.8747)
  • Get a Ride Home from your Appointment -1.844.549.0584
  • Find out Where your Ride is - 1.844.549.0584
  • Make a Complaint- 1.877.MEDTRIP (633.8747)
  • Locate a Health Care Provider - 1.800.335.8957

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Office Location

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1920 S. E. Industrial Drive,
Edinburg, TX 78542
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Phone:1.877.MEDTRIP (633.8747)
Fax: 1-866-528-4943

Important Questions

Do I qualify for a ride?

LeFleur arranges rides for Medicaid clients with no other way to get to their medical appointments.

What services are available?

This depends on your situation. Our Customer Service Agents will ask you a series of questions when you call to schedule your ride. Available transportation includes:

Mass Transit

Transportation by bus rail, air, ferry or intra-city bus either publicly or privately owned which provides general or special service on a regular or continuing basis. Mass transit is intercity or intra-city transportation. Mass transit also involves using commercial air service to transport eligible program clients to an authorized covered healthcare service.

Demand Response

Transportation services are provided by LeFleur using either fleet or non-fleet owned vehicles. This transportation method is intended to provide shared one-way or round trip rides for eligible clients to a covered healthcare event. LeFleur uses this method when mass transit services are either unavailable or do not meet the health care needs of clients.

Individual Transportation Participant

Individual Transportation Participant (ITP) services are provided by individuals who volunteer to participate in the MTO Individual Transportation Provider program. ITPs enter into an agreement to receive mileage reimbursement at HHSC's established rate to provide transportation to a Medicaid eligible client, Children with Special Healthcare Needs or Indigent Cancer Patients living in specific counties in South Texas. Mileage reimbursement is paid to an individual who drives himself, a family member, friend, or neighbor to and from a covered healthcare service.

Meals and Lodging

Meals and Lodging are provided for Medicaid children and CSHCN Program Services Clients and their attendant when health care treatment requires an overnight stay outside the county of residence or beyond adjacent counties.

Advance Funds

In some situations advanced funds are available to eligible clients through age twenty (20) and CSHCN clients twenty-one (21) and over who have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, to cover authorized transportation services. i.e., gas money for travel to a medically necessary health care service, lodging and/or meals in connection with a medically necessary healthcare service.

Out of State Travel

LeFleur provides transportation to contiguous counties or bordering counties in adjoining states that are within 50 miles of the Texas border if the services are medically necessary and it is customary or general practice of clients in a particular locality within Texas to obtain services from an out of state provider. LeFleur can arrange and pay for out-of-state travel for clients who need to travel to states outside of the adjoining states for medically necessary health care services that cannot be provided within the state of Texas.

Commercial Airline Transportation Services

LeFleur arranges commercial air transportation to meet the needs for the client and attendant, when applicable.

How do I schedule a ride?

Call 1.877.MEDTRIP (633.8747) at least two (2) business days before your medical appointment.

Can my child ride without me?

Children under 15 cannot ride without a parent, guardian or approved adult. If someone other than a parent or guardian will be riding with your child, you must fill out and submit a Parent Authorization Form. Children 15-17 years old must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian unless the parent or guardian has provided a Parental Consent Form for the child to ride alone.

What if I don’t know when I will need a ride home?

When you call to schedule a ride to your appointment, you will be instructed to call LeFleur’s “Where’s my Ride” number when you are ready for your return ride. Simply call 1.844.549.0584, and we will have a driver there within an hour.

What if my ride is late?

Call LeFleur’s Where’s my Ride number at 1.844.549.0584 if you have waited more than 60 minutes for your ride. Our agents will contact your driver and make sure someone is on the way.

How do I complain about bad service?

  • Call the Medical Transportation Program: 877-633-8747.
    Once you choose your language, Select Option 2.
  • Call HHSC Office of the Ombudsman: 877-787-8999

How do I find a Medicaid Health Care Provider?

Call Texas Medicaid Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) at 800.335.8957 or visit www.tmhp.com. If you are in Managed Care, please go to your health plan’s provider list or call your health plan for more information. To learn more about Medicaid health plan providers visit the HHSC website.

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